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Facebook algorithm changes, group and tool updates have become mainstream in the social media sphere. And as we continue to use Facebook marketing tools it to market our businesses, it is up to us to keep up and stay on top of how to use them properly. Facebook marketing still continues to be the most cost-effective way to grow businesses so let’s be malleable, adapt and implement quickly!

The new version of Messenger on iOS 

New Facebook IOS Messenger App - Marketing Tools

Facebook™ introduced a streamlined version of Messenger iOS. One of the most obvious changes is that you no longer have the discover tab. The goal was to make the app more focused and less cluttered.

For all my techies out there who are keeping count, the code was simplified by 84 percent, from more than 1.7M lines to 360,000. This is going to help it run faster and smoother for the users. For my non-techies out there, the code is what creates the app. It tells it what to do. So imagine going from 1.7M lines of “instructions” to 360,000!!

Overall for us using the app, it won’t look or feel much different. It will start faster, but it will continue to be the messaging experience that people have come to expect. What Facebook™ has made clear, however, is that with simplifying the code it will facilitate any upgrades they have in mind for the future, so expect more changes to come.

Introducing Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook Creator Studio Mobile App

The Creator Studio app works with Creator Studio desktop, so you can easily access insights, make edits, manage multiple pages on the go. One of the key takeaways is that you can edit through the app, but a major critique is that you cannot create or upload new content to your accounts from the mobile app.

What you will find is that you have to do so through the Facebook™ app or via desktop and then you will be able to post from the app by accessing the drafts or scheduled posts. This is still a great marketing tool to get familiar with because it lets you edit, stay in touch with your audience and view performance for multiple pages all on the go. I foresee more updates and optimizations coming to it. You can check out the Creator Studio FAQ page.

Messaging as a Tool

Facebook marketing tools, updates and changes

The reality is that most people prefer to send a quick message over placing a call. Depending on the demographic, this can also apply when people communicate with businesses. It is an immediate and reliable way for businesses to engage with their customers. It also allows you to reach a large number of people at the same time.

Chat bots have become a fairly popular Facebook™ marketing tool despite the lack of personalization. They allow a business owner to meet the expectations of their audience with convenient and speedy communication, as well as serving as a tool to anticipate needs. I do not recommend this replacing one on one communications; bots can really only take you so far, but if used correctly they can be a great benefit to your audience and your business.

One thing I have learned in this industry is that the only true constant is change. Once you start getting comfortable, BOOM, another update. It is important to adapt, but remember that the key factor in your success will remain the same. Your story or mission should rarely fluctuate even if the delivery of it does. If you have any questions on any updates and tools, I am just a DM away. 😉

Are there any updates you’d like to learn more about? Grow your Facebook Page with a personalized strategy plan!

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