6 ways to give value in Facebook™ Groups

There is no denying groups have become part of our daily lives. In fact, in 2019, there was an estimated 1.4 billion people using the tool. There is so much to learn, so many different interests and niche communities.

Why use groups in the first place?

Well that 1.4 billion speaks volumes. But there are many other marketing opportunities to use FB groups. Here are my three most important reasons though: to nurture your followers, provide expert advice or support and captivate your community without algorithm interference!

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Something to keep in mind, whether you have your own group or not, you want to show up where your ideal target audience is. Groups give you this incredible opportunity to network with an array of people. And the features are always being updated!

Before jumping into our list, I’d like for you to brainstorm: write down 3 complementary services to your niche, and consider what stage of life your target audience is in.

{Example: industry-wedding planner | 3 services: florist, bridal boutique, and rentals | stage of life: newly engaged, been there done that, I DIY, retired}

Then search for 1-3 groups in these genres. {Just engaged, wedding professionals, wedding trends}

Last step: Send the request to join.

We will refer back to this simple exercise shortly, but now my list:

Introduce yourself and let them know how you can help

Say Hello! Most groups have pinned announcements with rules and an introductory post encouraging you to jump into the group. So let people know what you do. This is a networking opportunity and you want to make the right impression! Think of it as your elevator pitch, make it memorable and clear. You can even include a photo! You want to be approachable and start building connections right away. 

Answer questions

This may sound simple but many people forget there is a Search bar within groups. Use it! Search for keywords, phrases or questions that you can answer or help with. This is a strategy you can use to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Carve out time to do this 2-3 times a week in group discussions; and very important…keep note of all the specific questions. Chances are that if one person had this question, someone else does too. 

If you’re already feeling like this may make you look like a know-it-all, good, because that is exactly the point. You want people to think of YOU when they need a question answered. It takes consistency but the more trust you build with the audience, the more it will solidify your position and warm them up to you and your brand. 

Provide feedback

Nothing is sexier than helping others grow!  Another great way to provide value is to provide feedback when requested, of course. Make sure it’s constructive and that you understand the person’s end goal. This will make an impact not only on who you are helping but everyone will take notice too. When appropriate, venture out and welcome feedback. With time, you will have built the right relationships and trust within the groups, that you are able to get some great insight on how to better serve your clients.

Share updates

Share updates on what you’re doing as well as about your industry. People are short on time so keeping them up-to-date with valuable information keeps you top of mind. Your goal is to be considered a resource and sharing information is another way to empower your audience. The power of storytelling is unique and personal so share your first-hand experience. Remember, you’re aiming towards building trust and connection. 

Introduce/welcome members

Have you ever gone to a party where you only know one person? Not always fun right? This is how it can feel when you enter a FB Group. If you know someone or invited someone to join the group and they did, introduce them! It will make the new member feel that much more welcomed and eager to participate. Be a connector, you  never know where that may lead!

Ask Questions

Last but not least, ask questions. Groups are perfect for case studies and market research. Surveying communities allows you to gather exact pain points. This is why you’re in the group in the first place. Your ideal client is in these groups. They will tell you what they need and want from you. You just have to listen!

The Reality

Many business owners think that starting a group or joining a group will blow up their business instantaneously. However, engagement and providing value takes time. It is all about consistency. As I’m sure you are beginning to learn, social media is about doing small things every single day. If you have been making the connections and building genuine relationships, the community will be warm enough to move along into your sales funnel. Whether it’s a lead magnet, a workshop, referral, or a Live, the communities you are most active in will be the first to act.

I have seen what FB Groups can do for businesses. They can be the difference in launching a successful product or a total bust. I want you to go back and think if you have done these 6 strategies above and if you haven’t, block off some time in your calendar to do so.

Become the group admin or member you hoped would do the same for you! I know it can seem counter-intuitive to give away so much value for free, but remember that no matter how much information some people might have, the difference will lie in taking action and implementation. I encourage you to start using any of these strategies and start taking advantage of this free marketing tool today.

Key takeaways: Take action & Serve.

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