8 Reasons Social Media Is Vital For Successful Marketing

1.  Billions Of People Spend An Average Of 144 Minutes Each Day Surfing Social Media

With billions of people spending at an average of 144 minutes each day surfing social media platforms, it is the most effective marketing channel for increasing reach, brand awareness, and building relationships with your target audience. 

2.  You Can Communicate With Your Customers In Real-Time

Everything is instantaneous when on Social Media. You will get immediate feedback on your posts about your products and services. In turn, you can apply that feedback to make modifications and changes for your customers. Your audience does not hold back when engaging with you via social media so you will get honest responses and invaluable information about how effective your strategies are. 

3.  There Is A Social Media Channel For Every Market

Find out on which social media channels your ideal customer spends their time. 

For example, younger consumers spend the majority of their time on platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, while consumers in the B2B spend their time on LinkedIn

If your brand is aesthetic in nature, like health and wellness or decor, visual-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are your best choices. 

Additionally, geography matters when considering where to put emphasis on social media marketing. Different digital platforms are used in different countries as well. That’s where having a solid sense of who your target audience comes into play. 

Once you have identified where they ‘hang out,’ focus on marketing on those social media channels. Start with focusing on the one they spend the most time engaging with, then branch out.

4.  Social Media Influencers Can Sell For You

After doing some research, you can identify influencers on the social media platforms where your audience spends their time. Reach out to the influencers that are most aligned with your business and use their influence and authority to build your brand and generate revenue. These arrangements can be mutually beneficial, however, there may be a cost. 

5.  You Can Profit From The Power Of Facebook 

According to Facebook, over 3 billion people are engaging on their platform every day. There are more than 100 billion messages and more than 1 billion stories shared daily. Plus, there are more than 160 million businesses using their app to connect with their customers and grow. 

Imagine what that can do for your brand through consistent engagement and paid advertising. Facebook advertising allows you to target your ideal customers cheaply and effectively. It is the most cost-effective way to advertise to increase engagement, generate traffic, and sell products. 

6.  Many Platforms Allow You To Post To Multiple Channels At Once 

Facebook owns Instagram which means you can share your posts instantly with both of them. 

Most social media platforms offer you the option to post to a variety of other social media accounts you hold like, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on which makes consistently engaging with your customers easy. 

7.  You Can Schedule All Your Social Media Posts And Even Communicate Instantly With Your Audience All In One Place

There are a number of platforms available, like hootsuite, buffer, later, Sprout Social, and more. In order to maximize their benefits, you will likely need to get a subscription as most free options either limit the number of posts you can schedule or the number of channels.

When you are marketing for business, having all your social media in one place and the ability to schedule a month at a time, is worth the investment. But if you feel your time would be better spent on other things, like say, running your business, you can have a social media manager take care of it for you. 

8. Social Media Keeps Your Brand On The Minds Of Your Audience Daily

There is no other marketing channel that can keep your brand current and engaged with your audience as consistently as social media. If you are not consistently posting valuable, relevant content on at least 1 platform, you are missing out on so many opportunities to expand your reach, build your brand, nurture relationships, garner loyalty, and potential sales. 


The objective of marketing for business is to build brand awareness, generate excitement, and communicate with your target audience in virtually real-time, in order to generate off and online traffic to your business and turn them into loyal customers. To do that will take a complete digital marketing strategy that maximizes multiple channels. 

While social media is an extremely powerful way to reach a multitude of potential customers instantaneously, it is short term by nature. To keep your brand and message at the fore day after day, takes planning, consistent effort, and the ability to constantly keep the attention of the fickle masses. When you combine that instant injection with other more lasting digital marketing channels, you have the ability to grab your target audience’s attention and keep it long after your post has faded away. 

As a social media marketing manager, I can attest to the power of social media marketing. My years of experience have brought me to a place where I feel confident in my ability to maximize the power of social media in terms of reach, ROI, and revenue. 

I also know all too well how important it is to consistently get this aspect of your marketing arsenal right . . . EVERY TIME. 

As a business, you cannot afford to get this wrong. You have probably seen numerous brands crucified on social media by those who were once their loyal fans for something posted in error or without thinking through the ramifications. As a small business or startup, you DO NOT want that to happen to you. Having an expert who can consistently capture your brand’s vision and values while strategically engaging with the right people for maximum relationship building, lead generation, and revenue is well worth the investment. 

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