Types of Content that Generate the Most Engagement on Social Media

Content is King. Engagement is Key.

Have you fallen victim of the #cricketseffect? That’s when you publish and publish content and no one notices. Don’t feel bad, it’s not just you. It has happened to all of us, even those in the industry. We can experiment, strategize and hack ways to get our content seen but the moment the platforms release new updates, we are right back at square one just like you. The only exception is that it’s our job to keep up with the changes so that entrepreneurs like yourself can focus on their craft and business.

As if it wasn’t complex enough with the algorithms, you have to be clear on your message and who you are speaking to, where that audience is “hanging out” and what to say to them to make them stop and notice. And in our social media climate, people are looking for beautiful images, valuable content and an action to take. So let’s talk about the different types of social media content that have been proven to engage your following, bring value and is unique.

A quick tip: There are four different formats you can present your social media content. 1. image 2. audio 3. text 4. video. And always always include a visual in all of your posts.
Let’s get to what you’re really here for, the types of posts that create what the algorithms want: engagement.
What is engagement? 
Engagement starts to count when your audience sees your post for at least 3 seconds or longer, interacts with it, i.e. likes, comments, or shares it and goes a step further when your audience conversates back and forth within the post’s comments.
One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Do I have to be on every platform?” You will find conflicting answers all over the internet but the truth is that you should be on platforms where your ideal audience is conglomerating and transacting. Audiences vary platform to platform with some overlap so if you are unclear of where your audience is, I suggest you read my post on this exact topic with up-to-date research and data points to support you.
Content that engages

Interactive content is the type of content that gives your audience the power of choice. It is proactive, involves and engages your following. With most of the platforms controlling what and when we see content, there is a lot to gain from giving people an opportunity to choose what they want to interact with. This content also gives you access and insight from your readers.

Interactive social media content like polls, quizzes, games, or contests are perfect examples of content that engages and what is better, nine times out of 10, people loveeee to share their results and that is a win/win! 

This type of content does wonders for engagement and customer retention. People feel like their opinion is taken seriously and are part of something bigger. Keep in mind you turn these posts into ads, give people a freebie or a specific call to action (CTA), and turn reader interactions into conversions + sales!

Content that pulls at your heartstrings

Social media posts that evoke visceral reactions from your audience are second on this list of posts that have the best engagement on social media. People act on their emotions and show their reaction by liking, sharing or buying. 

Sometimes content with emotional appeal refers to causes, social change or social impact. People want to share this kind of content because they know their community cares as much as they do. That is why now more than ever, businesses are relying heavily on storytelling and appealing to their audience’s sense of good will.

It goes without saying that leading, writing and marketing with authenticity and sincerity are essential to building a brand and business your audience can trust. Here are some ways you can apply this strategy to your content:

  1. Feature: When you shine the light on someone else, it says way more about you than it does about them. People buy from people they trust. They seek connection so when you tell a good story, you’re doing more than just telling…you’re connecting.
  2. Resonate: Or create associations..this is when someone reads your post and their inner monologue goes something like this: “yes, that’s me, omg, I knew it couldn’t just be me, that is so true, wow..I’m not crazy!” This emotional reaction to relating to a post is priceless and leads to engagement.
  3. Give Value: Social media karma exists, the more you give, give, give…the more it turns around on you. Tell the reader what they would gain from sharing, liking or commenting.
Content that talks about your brand

Whether you are the face of your business or not, content about your business is incredibly valuable. Readers feel disconnected from big box corporations and companies so the connection they perceive when interacting with a brand on social media allows them build a rapport and trusting relationship which equals = brand loyalty. Raving fans is where the money is at! When sharing about your business, here are some guidelines I recommend you follow:

  1. Post social media-appropriate pictures only (Your reputation is at risk)
  2. Make sure content reflects your business’ core values and culture
  3. Create shareable content
  4. Allow readers to see the human side of the business

At the end of the day, the golden nugget I can give you is GIVE VALUE. Use your knowledge to help others, inform, educate, and share content that aligns with who you are and allows you to create a deeper connection with your community.

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