5 Reasons Creating An Ideal Customer Persona Is A Marketing Must

To have successful marketing that consistently converts and generates revenue takes more than knowing your target market. In order to have laser focused marketing that provides value and solves your ideal customer’s problems you MUST create a persona for them. And Here’s why.

1. Your ideal customer IS a real Person

Creating a persona for your ideal customer enables you to have a clear understanding of who they are, their values, their pain points or problems. 

2. Your Content will resonate with your Target Customers

Having an ideal customer avatar in mind when creating content enables you to confidently provide them with value, solve a specific problem they have, and demonstrate that you genuinely understand your audience.

3. Your Ideal Customer Persona Informs Your Brand’s Purpose

Once you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you’ll be able to articulate how you can solve a problem they are having, and make their life easier. It is that knowledge that enables you to clearly define a brand purpose that is firmly grounded and guaranteed to be valuable to your target audience and resonate. 

4. Customer Avatars Help You Visualize A Real Person When Creating Content

Social media marketing is all about creating a dialogue between you, as your brand, and your customers and followers. Visualizing a real person every time you post, share, or comment, ensures that all of your content is authentic, engaging, and nurtures genuine connections with your customers and audience. 

5. A Persona For Your Ideal Customer Enables You To Create High Converting Content

With a well thought out and thorough understanding of your ideal customer’s persona, you can create laser targeted marketing that consistently meets your customers where they’re at, provides value, and converts. 

Remember, no two customers are exactly alike. 

All of your potential and actual customers have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and interests. If you don’t have an acutely defined persona or avatar for your ideal customers, you run the risk of creating content that is too generic and lacking the essential nuances that make the difference between people clicking that call-to-action or not. 

Read Types of Content that Generate the Most Engagement on Social Media for content ideas that provide your customers value. 

While you may have had an effective and accurate avatar of your ideal customers in the past, the current pandemic has altered our lives radically. This upheaval and uncertainty has led people to reevaluate their values and priorities, leading to new pain points as we navigate this new normal. 

In order to continue to provide valuable content, products, and services to your customers, brands must develop a deeper understanding of their customers and revise the ideal customer personas that inform their marketing in response. 

To help you gain a rich understanding of your target customers and create high converting avatars for them, conceptualize them as living, breathing, complex human beings by identifying their: 

  • Beliefs
  • Background
  • Frustrations
  • Goals
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Preferences
  • Work ethic
  • Predispositions

You can gain this understanding by looking at their habits on social media (what they like, follow, comment on, and share), reading customer review sites, examining market reports for your particular niche, and analyzing your website’s demographic data. 

However, the most effective way to gain a rich understanding about who your ideal customer really is and create their avatar, is through engaging with your current customers and followers where they spend their time online. Ask them questions, get their honest feedback, and engage in meaningful dialogue with them. 

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