SEO for Social Media? Yes, It’s Real!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital components of any marketing plan. It’s vital to be able to understand your business and your audience and understand how to organically grow your reach. But did you know this kind of mindset can also be applied to your social media channels? Your social channels are your core engagement tools to talk and connect with your audience. It’s important to spend some time optimizing your channels as best you can. This will ensure you are doing everything you can to make your business and social channels more accessible. It also makes you more findable to new potential consumers. 

Do not worry though, optimizing your accounts is not as bad as it might sound. I will take you through some crucial steps to better optimize your social media pages.

Optimize Your Social Media Bios

Your social media platforms help your SEO ranking when people search for your business on Google. If optimized correctly, your platforms will also pop up in the search results. This gives new consumers better access to your business and more ways for them to learn about you. Make sure your platforms have up-to-date profiles by taking advantage of your bio. Add SEO terms that might relate to what your consumers are searching for. Have at least one “SEO term” in your bio so that your platforms are more visible when searched. 

Keep in mind the character limit when creating your bio, make sure to keep it short and sweet. Your bio should let users know what exactly you do and who you are while keeping it fun and appropriate.

Link Your Website to Your Social Channels 

Linking your website on your social channels makes it easier to direct traffic to your core content. When users find your social platforms, they will have easy access to your website, your sales, and your contact information. 

Social Media Has its Own Search Engine 

This ties back to utilizing SEO terms in your social media accounts but keeping in mind that social media platforms have their own search engines will help you better optimize your pages. By keeping your pages consistent, ensuring they have a clear brand image, and utilizing some key SEO terms that are relevant for your business, it will make it more likely for your brand account to pop up when users are utilizing the search engines for platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you are utilizing 


Applying hashtags to your profile and bio is another great way to make your brand more accessible for users utilizing search engines. Hashtags are a great way to promote some organic growth for your platforms, as it encourages users to use them on their own posts which in turn helps promote more engagement and a sense of community within your group. You can either search for what kind of hashtags is utilized for your product or service to get an idea of what people are searching for, but it’s always fun as well to create your own unique hashtag that is personal to your brand. This once again will also encourage users to utilize it as well and thus will connect your brand more to your users. 

Optimize Your Content 

Enhancing your profile components to better your SEO results is another thing you can consider when looking at your social platforms. There are a couple of things you can do to fully optimize your posts- make sure you have targeted keywords picked out to sprinkle into your posts, as well as relevant hashtags you can utilize to better help your search rankings. Make sure you are also keeping in mind the length of your posts, as you want to ensure you are keeping things short and to the point to retain consumers’ attention. Images and videos usually increase engagements with posts as well and up the overall aesthetic of your page so when possible make sure you are giving your content a little extra boost.

Create a Call to Action 

Giving your users a call-to-action, whether it be to click a link to your website, leave a comment, tag other users, make a purchase or just leave a like is always encouraged and will help boost your engagement with your users. Call-to-action keywords also help optimize your SEO. 

Overall, there are several steps that can be taken in order to take full advantage of your social platforms to create more organic growth for your brand.  

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