Grow your local network to build your social media authority

We all know the big players in our industries. We see them doing big things and hope to one day land them as clients or reach our fullest potential like them. But are we overlooking real opportunities by living in a fantasy world?

It’s the classic romantic comedy story line. The girl is so in love with the cute, popular guy that she never notices that her best friend is head-over-heels for her until it’s too late. DON’T BE THAT GIRL when it comes to your business! Instead, fall in love with the community that’s right in from of you. Those shiny people may be #goals, but there is so much more value in your local network, trust me. I began seeing more growth in my own business when I focused on helping those around me succeed, instead of dreaming of connections with those outside my community.

Think about it, you are a part of your community, which makes you the best person to serve it. Not only are you able to understand the unique needs of the people in your area, but you are also able to relate in ways that make your services more relevant. Why go outside of your network when you have access to so many potential clients in your immediate community and network? 

This is even more important if you are just starting your business. When I started mine, no one knew who I was or what I did, which prompted me to join a local networking group. That group introduced me to other businesswomen in my city, allowed me to share about myself and my new business, and most importantly, it allowed me to serve others. 

Local networking challenged me to practice my pitch and let me meet so many amazing women. It also served as a platform to speak and educate others, giving me a launching pad to establish myself as a local expert. Before having any paying customers, I was already giving my audience value and providing a service, all while building trust and connection with the network members. I was able to build relationships in-person, then nurture them more through the organization’s online community. 

In-turn my social media audience began to grow. People are more willing to connect and engage with someone they know and trust, so by focusing on my network I also gained a following on social media. It was so important to me that my early followers were women that were truly invested in the content I was sharing. By showing up and giving value I built trust, and now, not only are they people I have meaningful relationships with, but they are also warm leads that could convert into clients.

If your social media presence is important to you (you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t) being active and consistent in your community first is the best way for you to create a strong social media authority. By focusing on the businesses in your area, you can do what you do best for those closest to you, which will feed into the work you do online because those people become advocates for your business. Doing that builds your reputation as a leader and gives your business the best chance at success.

Join me for some in-person networking on Saturday Feb 29th, 2020 at Houston’s Aim High 2020 business conference for women. Here are some of the things that I look forward to when attending a business conference:

  1. Renewed energy
  2. New connections
  3. A fresh perspective
  4. Valuable education
  5. Actionable takeaways

Let me know if you’re coming so I can save you a seat at my table!

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