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Through trials and tribulations, Kristina Messenger has found the best way to win on this side of heaven is to not give up.  After burying a husband in late 20’s, going through a divorce and burying a child in late 30’s, she has a new level of peace and stability in her 40’s.  What to some may have seemed like a mess she has turned into a message, one of hope, love, and the never ending promise of her God, that He has a unique and special plan for her life.  First, she had to learn to let go of what she thought perfect was and learn to walk in His stride for her life. 

Kristina has over 10 years experience in corporate marketing business leading a sales team, creating new relationships and growing profits.  Over the last 13 years she has been a small business owner / operator of a construction company, granite company, marketing consultant company, and her favorite and current financial services company. 

Kristina’s passions include her family, creating memories camping and traveling, coaching small business owners to truly win and profit in business.   Teaching individuals, couples, and small businesses how to win the war on debt, as she believes debt is bondage and once one can learn this skill the chains will be broken and anyone can reach their full potential. 

Kristina found love after learning more about who she really was and how God created her.  She married Rich in 2018, gained a bonus daughter Addison and they live in McKinney, Texas with her oldest son Zac and their son together Lukas. Kristina also has a heart for the special needs community as her son Jacob passed away at age 17 from a rare genetic disorder.  

Kristina graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management and Minor in Marketing. Continuing her passion to connect with people she obtained her John Maxwell Team Certification as a Coach, Speaker and Trainer. In addition, she holds a certification as a Life Language Communication Coach with Life Languages International and Health Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Kristina has been impacted most by her business coach, Dani Johnson, and has completed the Dani Johnson University, First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty.

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