Jennifer Perez Medina

Jennifer began her journey with entrepreneurship after ten years in news writing and public relations. After having her second baby in 2016, she decided cubicle-life was not for her and decided to stretch her entrepreneurial wings.

In 2018, she founded The Socially Connected, a social media consultancy that helps women entrepreneurs with social media strategy and content creation for digital platforms.

The Socially Connected celebrates its second year in business in 2020 and to celebrate, Jennifer gathered a group of ambitious and high-performing bosses to launch ARRIVE. Jennifer’s idea of ARRIVE began as an online community but after seeing so much need for direction, education and support in the business community as it pertained to all things digital, she knew it had to make a bigger impact.

Together, with her co-founders, Jennifer presents the ARRIVE Conference for female entrepreneurs, professionals, and content creators! In 2020, ARRIVE is a virtual conference, with speaker sessions, virtual networking and workshops!

Fun Facts: On her time off, she loves spending time with her husband and two children. Her hobbies include trying spicy cocktails, crafting D-I-Ys for her home and yelling loudly for (and at) her son at his baseball games on the weekends.

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