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HI! My name is Aja Vickers and here’s a little bit more about me. 

I’ve spent nearly 15 years creating compelling visual content for network television, businesses, non-profits, and artists. I started shooting, editing, writing, and producing back in 2006 when I got my first job as a reporter working for TV 30 News near the San Francisco Bay Area. I then moved on to become the Bureau Chief for the NBC affiliate KSNG out in Garden City, Kansas. After that I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and worked for the NBC affiliate KJRH. From politics to crime, sports to tornadoes… you name it, Iʼve shot it. 

After experiencing all aspects of broadcast news I decided I wanted to start my own production company and began the journey to make it a reality. Iʼve honed my skills throughout the years by producing countless videos in every type of genre and now I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with those looking to create their own videos. See you soon! 

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